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The Team Behind Facedapter

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

There are several things that make Facedapter the innovative and forward-thinking company that it is. A highly experienced and multicultural team has created a foundation that allows Facedapter to be the fastest, simplest, most demographically sensitive facial recognition software on the market. To better understand Facedapter’s goals and trust its message and product, an introduction to the current team is not only necessary but welcomed.

Meet Eugene Theodore, Facedapter’s Chief Strategy Officer. He is Greek by origin but a New Yorker at heart, and by birth. The three words he would use to describe himself are intuitive, creative, and transparent.

“I would describe myself as intuitive because I have the ability to learn a lot quickly, and in so doing start building important networks of connections which many others do not see”. Eugene has experience in photography, graphic design, music, and tech. He believes that his true creativity is rooted in his intuition and transparency.

“I tell it like it is. Most people are uncomfortable with that. But I wouldn’t be doing them (nor me) any favours by playing political games and wasting time and energy doing so—time and energy which could be spent solving problems and making things better”.

His newly developed passion for AI is what brought him into deep tech, and his long-standing friendship with Praveen is how he got to know about Facedapter. “I believe in Praveen’s vision and personal charisma and want to see both go far and succeed”.

The tech/AI industry is defined by its complexity and Facedapter’s ability to provide simple solutions to seemingly complicated issues is what inspired Eugene to join the company.

Meet Malaika Norman, the Head of Content and Media at Facedapter. She was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya and studied at an international American system school. After she graduated high school, she travelled to the UK to complete her BA Hons in Journalism and Media Communications.

She has been living between the UK (for studies) and Geneva for about 3 years. After completing her studies in the UK, she came back to Geneva and began to look for work in areas that would allow her to further develop her design skills.

“I have always loved design and content creation and I was lucky to find the perfect position here at Facedapter. Not only am I learning about the Tech industry every day, but I am perfecting my creation skills – skills that I know will help both me and the company grow”. The three words she would use to describe herself are creative, intellectually empathetic, and a leader.

“My mom was an interior designer and wedding planner, so I grew up watching her create my whole life, it made me feel like I was born to be creative. I finally started to grow into design in a way that I can be proud of – intellectual empathy is also something I don’t think people place enough emphasis on. Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to better understand any situation is a skill that has helped me academically and occupationally and in my social life”.

Malaika has taken on many positions of leadership through her academic career including Editor in Chief of her University’s News production platform. “I don’t know how it happened honestly, I think that I took the phrase ‘if you want something right do it yourself’ a little too seriously, but hey, it’s worked out so far!”

As demographic sensitivity is a key part of Facedapter’s goals, intellectual empathy comes in handy along with transparency, creativity, and the courage to innovate. We may not always understand other collective or induvial experiences but being able to exercise empathy is what makes this team a well-oiled machine and the software is better for it.

Louis Vignon Adjanohoun, is another member of Facedapter’s team. He is a Fullstack web and mobile developer which mean that he works on developing mobile apps – Android and IOS, servers, APIs and Websites and handles server hosting and maintenance.

Louis is currently based in Ghana but is originally from Benin. He travelled to Ghana to study a BSc in Computer Engineering and has lived and worked there since. “Fun fact, I Finished 1st of my graduation set”.

“I would describe myself as self-managed, result-oriented, and passionate. I can effectively set goals, however small or large, when working and I work towards them. I aim to always provide results that push Facedapter forward and can truly say that I love my work”.

Praveen contacted Louis on Linked in need of someone with his skillset and he has been working for the company since. “I was inspired to come work for Facedapter because I could make use of my all-round development skills and make the world less biased with its technology. Growing Facedapter will allow me to grow in my career and as a person, I look forward to the future”.

Facedapter’s team is ever-growing and as the company continues to grow internally and in production, we aim to maintain transparency and continue to develop a consistent level of trust between us and our future users.

Stay tuned for an introduction to more of the team behind facedapter!

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