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Technology that is Using Facial-Recognition Software in 2021

The everyday person might just view facial recognition as the thing they use to unlock their phone, but it is developing to be so much more than a tool of convenience. Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) is being used in far more places than you would think.

Facial recognition is the future of identity verification. Bearing that in mind, think about all of the places you go to that require you to verify your identity. Think of all of the places that require you to make payment; airports, hospitals, schools, bars, being pulled over by a police officer, etc.

The point is that the list is never-ending, you will always need to verify your identity in some way. Facial recognition is working to make your face the only form of identification you need with you.

Facial recognition technology has already made its way into our day-to-day activities. It unlocks phones, tags friends on Facebook and secures homes. These are little ways FR has presented itself as a convenience to the public. These small integrations fulfil the overarching promise of technology by providing a simpler, faster and more secure way to proceed with daily life.

This doesn’t mean that there is a firm understanding of the capabilities of this technology by the public.

“These convenient, personal and consensual interactions with facial recognition technology might reduce or even dispel common clichés about surveillance. But personal engagement with technology doesn’t always translate into a full understanding of how that technology collects and uses data.

This is intensified when the technology’s use isn’t limited to the interactions that we can see and list”, said a writer for the Center of International Governance and Innovation, Nikki Gladstone.

Facedapter is an example of a company targeting major industries but keeping the public’s safety a priority; Travel and transportation, banking and financial services, and Government & Law enforcement.

The Future of Air Travel using next-generation Biometrics is an article that goes into detail about how FRT is already being implemented in Air travel. This is a tool that will increase efficiency, speed, and accuracy in identification during the hectic process that is airport travel.

One of the air travel industry's biggest challenges is accurately verifying the identities of travellers. We all know the feeling of standing in line at an immigration checkpoint, handing over all our documents, and hoping for a smooth transition to the next destination.

We live in an age where people are able to change what they look like frequently. With advancements in cosmetic procedures or simple everyday changes, these changes make a difference in the manual process of identification.

The manual comparison between an individual and the identity they present to the border agent has a 3% error rate. This means that if an airport has 25,000 incoming passengers daily, and 1 in 10,000 is a criminal of some kind, 900 persons per year will successfully get past border security in one day.

Implementing FRT in Air Travel boosts accuracy in identification and reduces potential security risks before they occur. An argument that could be made not only for air travel but all modes of transportation.

FRT is also being used in the retail industry to make the shopper experience more convenient, among other things.

According to Aerospace company Thales, “Since 2017, KFC, the American king of fried chicken, and Chinese retail and tech giant Alibaba have been testing a face recognition payment solution in Hangzhou, China.

In March 2021, 52 Perekrestok stores (Перекрёсток) from X5 retail group have launched touchless payment by face for self-service checkout terminals with Visa Payment System and Sberbank”.

Facial recognition is no longer an identity verification tool of the future, but one that is being implemented all around the world.

Convenience is the luxury being sold to the public in order to have access to biometric data.

In understanding that, an Identity verification tool that the public is able to rely on is very important. Facedapter even as a start-up is a company, is working to build this digital trust while remaining simple, convenient, cost-effective, and demographically- sensitive.

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