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How Covid-19 will change air travel ?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Facial biometrics improve the entire traveler’s experience from home

to the final destination and back, by creating a trusted unified identity system that accompanies the traveler throughout the journey


Registration of CovidPass on mobile phone and perform the verification using ID and a selfie. If there is a requirement for Covid19 certificate in the future, the process of verification can be done in seconds.

At check-in

From a mobile phone, Self-service kiosk or check-in counter, document verification technology performs a sophisticated analysis and verifies the ID document’s authenticity within seconds, removing the onus from employees to authenticate the document. Biometric matching with live facial recognition using 3D, Near-infrared, and/or Thermal cameras confirms the traveler is indeed the person the document was issued to. Trusted digital identity is created using AI that document is authentic and document belongs to the traveler

Self-service biometric bag drop

With biometric bag drop, checked bags can be securely linked to a traveler’s trusted identity, decreasing costs and check-in times. Live facial recognition at the bag drop station confirms the checked in traveler is indeed the person dropping off the bags

Border control and security screening

Increase automation and throughput by using trusted digital identities at immigration and security screening.


Elevate the traveler’s experience by utilizing biometrics to verify trusted identities. Provide highly personalized lounge access, perks and airport guidance and navigation.

At the gate

Improve security and efficiency at boarding, while satisfying customs and border protection (CBP) exit requirements for international flights.

On return

Using trusted identities to go through immigration is faster and more efficient, while providing high levels of security assurance.

Facedapter offers a Single software API, a full end-to-end unified identity management system encompassing multimodal facial biometric modalities to increase the efficiency, security and safety of our air land and sea borders.

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