Facedapter is a facial recognition company, we are providing unified identity management system in real-time to improve the performance, capacity, security, and customer experience. We enable machine with better sense of vision through AI.


We are on a mission to help enterprises and governments using AI and latest sensing technologies such as RGB, 3D, NIR, LiDAR or thermal imaging for various use cases. Facial recognition in the visible spectrum is an important biometric modality but to capture or recognize faces in the visible spectrum require good light conditions, in low-light or night-time conditions the faces cannot be recognized properly.  We will enable any machine equipped with any camera to identify a person in a same way. RGB image as found on an ID or passport or Driving license, governments already have an existing database of RGB images. 


The biggest challenge the governments and enterprises are experiencing is, how to create a new database of 3D, NIR, LiDAR or thermal images. We can help governments and enterprises in overcoming these challenges. Our approach provides interoperability with existing biometric databases containing visible-only face imagery.